Project Description

The original planning for this residence was to renovate and expand the living space in the existing shoreline home. The existing residence and property did not conform to current zoning ordinances. The renovations/expansions required that we obtain approvals for variances from the town Zoning Board of Appeals. After initial costing by local builders, it was decided to remove the existing residence and build an entirely new home on the existing footprint. This decision did require us to go back to the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the new residence was approved.

The Owners are long time sailors and appreciate our detailed design that utilized every square inch in their home. This house was more detailed than any other home we had designed to date. In the end, we think the house is one of the finest on the Connecticut Shoreline.

The house is three stories with open storage below, equipped with flood vents per FEMA regulations. There are three bedrooms, with two full baths and as one would expect from sailors, a very efficient kitchen. From each room in the house, there is a view of either Long Island Sound or the Fence Creek River. There are open decks on all levels on the front of the house as well as the rear of the house.